AI Traffic Mods by D.B Creation for [ETS2 Version 1.44]

This mod includes:

Improved AI trailer pivoting in turns.
Realistic traffic intensity on all roads based on real intensity on European roads.
Rush Hour at 8am & 5pm.
Improved AI security parameter.
Different flashing times.
Different speeds for all vehicles.
Improved AI speeds in different weather conditions.
Improved accident recovery.
Improved overtaking parameters.
Includes our own AI behavior.
Removed slow vehicles from Special Transport Deliveries.
Traffic light circuits revised.
Optimized AI behavior at tollbooths.
Overhaul of AI behavior at intersections, forks, highways, roundabouts on all DLCs.
This mod contains 2 versions of revisions:

ProMod version:
Only use this if you have ProMods in your map combo.

SCS map version:
Use this mod if you don’t use ProMods.

[IMPORTANT] “Please extract the ZIP File after Download !!”

Our Mods are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution – Noncommercial – No Derivative 4.0 International License.
Based on the work of
SCS Software S.R.O

Mod by D.B Creation Dev Team


2 thoughts on “AI Traffic Mods by D.B Creation for [ETS2 Version 1.44]

  1. fasdfa aSDSAD ASDSD

    no free mod! trashhhh no paymod pleasse

    1. Mods are always free. Follow correctly the steps to download.

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