AI Traffic realism 2.1

More realistic AI traffic. Version 2.1.

1. AI trucks and vehicles realistic speed (for trucks maximum 88 km/h on highways)
2. AI trucks sometimes overtake each other on highways (in test phase)
3. Maximum possible AI trucks and vehicles amount (max traffic mod)
4. Realistic fuel prices
5. Additional AI vehicle Kia Cee’d unlocked and added to traffic pack
6. Parking fix
7. All AI vehicles in all countries unlocked

Author: Mephic, Lavigne 2005, Ruko81


5 thoughts on “AI Traffic realism 2.1

  1. Love it. Thanks.

  2. Updates?

  3. Updates please to

  4. work with ???

  5. The mod is a nice mod but when driving in the UK the AI indicates right to turn left and left to turn right.

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