AI Traffic Tandem Pack with 40 Original Enterprises Skins

AI Traffic Tandem Pack (1) AI Traffic Tandem Pack (3) AI Traffic Tandem Pack (2)


You´re free to re-skin or re-upload this mod, only condition maintain original modders credits.

Solaris36, Jazzycat, Flemming Vinge

DOWNLOAD 12 MB [Mediafire]

34 Responses to AI Traffic Tandem Pack with 40 Original Enterprises Skins

  1. van der linden says:

    Thank you for this amazinbg mod!, I’ve been waiting so long for this, and now it’s in game, thank you.

  2. RoAdRuNnEr says:

    At This Ive been waiting for it sooo long in LFS….and now it goes with 1.19 V

    Really Happy over it…..thx 😉

    PS: What about now for nxt Update with cars and Trailers…..Special Show Trucks ….and so one ? ….Maybe Tractors on country road´s and this kind of all…..there many idea´s ive got……

  3. Juris says:

    it doesent show full trailer !! it only shows a half 🙁

    it only show this part only (–euro-truck-simulator-2-mod-VolvoFM13tandem.jpg)

  4. truck driver says:

    Thanks for this amazing mod, you did a good job.
    I have an diea for traffic.
    cars with caravans and bikes on roof, like holiday traffic ?.

  5. wegger says:

    Great idea! Thanks for this mod!

  6. tuhkustuhke says:

    nice mod! normal ai cars with trailers please! games been missing it for so long 🙂

  7. solaris36 says:

    Cars with small trailers nearly…. 🙂
    Thanks for your comments.

  8. hynek7 says:

    WOU,YES,Good idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  9. Humpfester says:

    Getting a ton of warnings, the trucks show up in game ,but the the trailers won’t. May be a conflict with jazzycat’s pack.

    • solaris36 says:

      Works perfectly with all Jazzycat traffic mods. All trucks and trailers are standalone. You must be conflict with other mod of 1.18 version.

      • AndyS71 says:

        no that is incorrect. I’m running 1.19 with just jazzycats mods. no trailers in traffic.

  10. A says:

    first bug: it is often seen that the trailers hitched a conventional tractor, and not to BDF.

  11. Sven says:

    Moin Moin

    Hab mir den Mod mal runtergeladen…

    Tja und was soll ich sagen…”PERFEKT”..läuft echt super.Auch mit den Ai Mods von Jazzycats.
    Endlich mal eh paar Tandem Züge im AI Verkehr.

  12. solaris36 says:

    I must remember this mod only works in 1.19 game versions. All people say have a problems…will try the mod alone and see the gamelog. 🙂

    • AndyS71 says:

      ok seems to work prefectly until you add Jazzy’s painted trucks mod, so there is a conflict with one of jazzy’s mods.

      • solaris36 says:

        It´s true.
        Forget the Jazzycat painted trucks have problems. 🙂

  13. sunnoco says:

    Excellent work guys! Works perfect in 1.19.2. It’s so interesting to see them in traffic. CONGRATULATIONS guys for your hard work and thank you for sharing. Keep up the great and hard work.

  14. hazzim says:

    Confirm ! Truck’s without tandem trailers . All log is red . game can’t create trailers . The same problem with jazzycat painted truck addon .
    I have promods 1.96 + Russian map

    • solaris36 says:

      This mod haven´t red warnings!
      Try to activate alone.

      • solaris36 says:

        You have a traffic mod for 1.18 game version?
        That´s the problem.

  15. JESAN says:

    Very nice mod thans a lot
    True there’s a minor pb with some bdf trailers hauled by std tractors
    Jazzycat’s painted trucks have their own trailer in V1.19 so not the issue to me
    Can you confirm there are only Ivecos in the mod because I only see those ?

    • solaris36 says:

      Yes, it’s a first version. Only ivecos for the moment. Thank you

  16. leighton says:

    I have LOADS of mods(122 in total, not all used at once tho), incl A lot if not ALL jazzycat mods and lots from all three authors of this one,and the usual Big map mods. I did have a problem with it to start with, but after some careful reading and messing with the mod order, I have lots of the above running Together and is AMAZIN !! Massive Thank You all from me deffo!!
    Yes there is the odd mini artic, but is amusing to see , and there is only Iveco, but I read above that it will incl others in future hopefully. Awesome work.

  17. solaris36 says:

    I say before this is a game error, not a mod bug.
    Is the same with certain countries vehicles, sometimes appears on wrong country with 0 frecuency in def files.

  18. hazzim says:

    Thank’s solaris36 , for your cooperation ! Your wright , all red log’s , because I use elder jazzycat trailer and cargo pack . I hope , he’s make mod for this patch . My apologies !

  19. hazzim says:

    I saw v_3.4 on the jazzycat homepage , but miss v_3.4.1 update . )))) How’s stupid . Thank’s again !!!

  20. Sven says:

    Hi Solaris36

    Your Traffic Mod with the tandem trains I really like.
    Now my questions because I have so ma.

    Can it be that only Iveco tandem trains?
    Is there some point an update with other trucks and other label? (ie real company)?


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