Air Pressure Bar on in Scania display V2


This is version 2, in it Air Pressure Bar is on same screen/page where
is speed and cruse_speed.
I hope now it is more usable then in V1.

Author: Srele


24 thoughts on “Air Pressure Bar on in Scania display V2

  1. Srele do You have facebook ?

    1. Yes I do.
      But, I don’t want to tell it here.
      Ask me on SCS forum.

  2. Looks much better than v1, thank you for making this I’ll try it later.

  3. why haven’t you made it the way I suggested in V1??
    Because that way you could switch without losing the info of the air pressure.
    Is it not possible !?

    Can you give a link to that mod you have ” paiting front grille from Scania in game”


    1. I can’t put one thing in more places then one.
      And I want for air pressure bar to be on main display, so it can’t be on both places in same time.
      I can do it for you, it is not hard for me to do it, but I don’t like it that way.
      About grill, I was wrong, that is not in one mod, it is in one big mod (all Scania is reworked) and it is not very legal (changes are made on original mod from unknown author). So, if you want it all I can send it to you via email.

  4. well is your call and you should do the things you like and we are glad that some one do it because I can’t, if you have time and have no problens to do it for me,I’m thankful and about the grille, yes send it to me, plz

    Thank you for your time and mods


  5. are you gonna make a version vor daf?

    that wouth be very awsome to finaly have a display for daf 🙂

  6. trucker richy

    @ srele I probably know the answer but i’ll ask anyway. Can you do this for all the trucks on ets2 except the hi-way?, if so can you do it?, I respectfully understand you might not be able to, and I also want to say that is a great mod you came up with.

    Trucker Richy

  7. you can do it to volvo??? plz make it

  8. I’m working on something new now, but I will try to make it for all trucks. 🙂
    But JUST try, I won’t promise anything.

  9. Trying again. Can´t you do this skin but also have a Scania logo for one page if you want a blank page?

    1. I can do that.
      I won’t post it as a new mod, I will put link in comment.

    2. I just saw that 50keda did this and I don’t want to copy him. Use his dashboard if you like.
      Sorry but I’m that kind of modder, I don’t like to copy other people.

      1. thats great u r one of those

  10. Hey guys, how do you use the air brakes? I’ve searched in controls for another button but i don’t see any so I suppose is the same old brake, but it doesn’t work for me, even if I ticked the box that says “Air brakes” in-game. Whenever I press the brakes, it’s the old ones that gets activated.

    1. Truck break system use air also suspension, gearbox and many other system, this function make you manage the air consumption by using break air or retarder.

      1. Retarder don’t use air, retarder work on oil or on electromagnetism.

    2. So, explanation for “air brakes” is that truck don’t use (steel) cables for bakes like bicycle or fluid like car, it uses AIR!
      So when you press brake pedal, air from air tank is send to brakes and that air is filled in tank by compressor. So, when you offten use “main” brake you will lose your air pressure in air tank and brakes will block so you can’t drive any more until compressor fill more air to tank and build more pressure.

      1. Ok, but what exactly is the difference between the “normal” brakes and those air new ones? Is it just for simulation of reality purposes?

        1. They are normal brakes, there is no other “normal” brakes, only motor/engine brake and retarder.
          In first versions SCS didn’t simulate Air consumption but now they made it (finally) so now when you brake with “normal” (that is called “service” by hard-core truckers) brake you must be aware of air pressure.

          1. Yea I got that but i wondered why is there an option to tick or untick the box saying “air brakes simulation” if they are the only brakes you use when you press the brake pedal. I thought there are two kind of braking systems, besides the retarder and the automatic motor brake.

          2. Look, this is simulator and game will be better if SCS simulate more real life things in game, but there is always someone who don’t like simulation of some real functionality from truck so SCS must put option for that ONLY for those ###### that don’t like simulated functionalitities.
            And motor brake CAN be manual, you don’t need to use it as auto.

  11. how can i uninstall this mod ?

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