MAN TGX Lowered & Without Mudflap


For 4×2; 6×2-4 and 6×4 chassis
Author: Nikola Kostovski


11 thoughts on “MAN TGX Lowered & Without Mudflap

  1. Nikolai can you make it for Volvo to?

  2. Hey Nikola, i think you make great mods. 1 question for you, can you make axle lift for DAF and Scania?
    And one trailer id llove to see is the container with more axles that are lifted if you understand?
    Many thanks G

  3. Can you also make the daf? please please

  4. Nikola,why can not I use the mod, but my new game.

  5. Nikola,why can not I use the mod, but my new game.
    always crashes

  6. Hi Nikola, I am using 1.3.1, but it crashes when I selected to apply your mod, why is that ?
    I don’t have any other mods about the truck’s texture, so there should be no conflicts ?
    Thank you !

    1. If you have weaker PC,that happens.. can restart your PC and try again to buy it,i think it will work ..
      Have a nice day 😉

      1. Alright, thank you ~

  7. Hy Nikola

    Scania Lowered 4×2 , 6×2-4 , 6×4 chassis
    Scania Lowered 4×2 , 6×2-4 , 6×4 chassis & Without Mudflap

    2 Mod please 🙂 THX

  8. Make this mod for multyplayer please !!! 🙂

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