Air Pressure Bar on new page in Scania display


Unrar downloaded archive and put .scs file to mod folder.
Strat playing the game and press “I” on keyboard (default key for
changing pages on display).

Author: Srele


19 thoughts on “Air Pressure Bar on new page in Scania display

  1. now that will come in handy! noticed that i ran out of air pressure but couldn’t find where i could see it… now this will things alot easier!

  2. yes indeed, thx for the mod.

    Sugestion: you could put the kms down next to the temperature, in is place the Air Pressure Bar, so we would have more info without switching the panel and if it is not to much throuble for you, above next the gear put the cruise control speed :))

    Again, thx for this mod.


    1. That is very good idea.
      I will make it now.

      1. Srele, can you make a mod that gives us the possibility to paint the grille from Scania, its the only thing we cant paint in the game. Good would be 3 places ( Grille, Cabin and under the cabin), if it not much throuble for you.

        Cheers :))

        1. What are you thinkink when say “paint”? do you want to load it in MS Paint or Photoshop and paint something over it, or when changing paint of truck in game that you can paint front grill?
          I have mod that give me that, I can paint my grill in basic color of truck.

          1. “when changing paint of truck in game”, is you want, you can send it to me to email [email protected].

            Thak very much

  3. klasse mod sehr hilfsreich danke.
    aber das scania logo ist nicht im hintergrund wieso?
    is das nur bei ihnen?

  4. work on 1.3.1 too?

    1. No, it does not work on versions lower then 1.4.1

    2. in 1.3.1 you dont have the option of Air Pressure, I think it will not work.

  5. So much realistics!
    Thank you Srele
    Will download when back of vacation.

  6. Srele,

    could you make this for all the default trucks in Ets 2??

    1. That will be too much work… and I drive only Skanija and Volvo, so answer is NO, for now.
      Maybe SCS do that in next patch.

  7. Robisierra

    thanks 🙂

  8. Can anyone please explain about the work of air pressure in the 1.4.1 patch?

    im updating on 1.4.1, using automatic transmission (forgot wich power is) … its scania and volvo, that start with D3 gear, and it cant move, fwd or backward… then i change it to manual transmission (second one on the list) still start with D3 and it say (text warning) something about air pressure(or what and im forgot again), but when i use the 3rd option, start with 1st 2nd 3rd gear, it normal…

    mumet jon… sorry i can’t speak english very well

    please help… thanks

    1. Brakes in trucks are controled by Air, so when you press pedal then air from compresor goes to brakes. That is all OK, but what when you are low on air? Then, for safety reasons, brakes are activated! It will be very ###### if you can drive and you have air leak and when press pedal you don’t have brakes.
      But, when you are in low RPM then compressor can’t fill air in system that fast, you mast be ih high RPM for this. But in automatic transision you can’t rise RPMs, only when you switch to manual you can rise RPMs and air pressure is up and you can drive.
      And, when you are in automatic transision your’s brakes are ON in idle.

  9. Can you try to make a page with the Scania logo included in this mod?

  10. wanderson

    olá amigo. eu estou a procura de um painel com velicometro digital e grande com o indicador de marcha e outros. não entendo nada sobre, mas da pra fazer ????

    1. wanderson

      opss… “velocimentro”

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