Alcoa Wheels Pack with HD Michelin Texture

Alcoa-Wheels-Pack-with-HD-Michelin-Texture-1 Alcoa-Wheels-Pack-with-HD-Michelin-Texture-2

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Authors: Ventyres, 50keda, By Manu.Be98


11 thoughts on “Alcoa Wheels Pack with HD Michelin Texture

  1. Tribaltech

    this is for all trucks and 50Keda trucks?
    i don’t see iveco

  2. aceracer60

    New DL plzz!! can´t download it!

  3. By Manu.Be98

    DAF, SCANIA, Volvo, Mercedes, MAN

    But no Iveco,Renault

  4. Scaniadriver

    @manu…Iveco and renault can use the original scs ones lol
    good work man thanks for that

    1. By Manu.Be98

      Jup is also true =D

      I do perhaps.

  5. Scaniadriver

    and for those who cant download it its the middle field the blue one 😉

  6. @dr_jaymz

    nice, can u do it without the white letters on the tyre?

      1. @dr_jaymz

        thanks dude!

  7. What chassis is that? 🙂

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