Alcoas chrome & black (standalone)


Alcoas chrome upgrade now includes other in black with chrome background

are now standalone

you enjoy

Total credit to the creators of the model used in this mod rin …



15 thoughts on “Alcoas chrome & black (standalone)

  1. what’s the difference between this and the previous one ? I cannot understand the description up there. PS: this are my favorite rims,good job !

    1. All right, I saw it in the game. but I prefer the previous mod~~~~

      1. rockchevelle

        thanks bro , is that person did not write well the difference is no longer replace as the first , good thing you like = )

  2. no file????? cancel to publish????

    1. Just temporarily closed sharemod

    2. rockchevelle

      sharemods was not available , but you can download = )

  3. CaptIISilveR

    “No file”

  4. rockchevelle

    mmm that rare, I’ll upload it again thanks

  5. CaptIISilveR

    Nope, “No file”

  6. “No File” …..

  7. CaptIISilveR

    It works, thanks.

  8. K-whopper

    thanks for update link. wheels look n work great. nice work

  9. homie the file intodownload link it’s doesn’t available anymore ! please fix ! upload it onto another file hoster !

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