ALEXD Double Earnings

This mod requires ETS2 1.31;1.32; 1.33.x
Don’t reupload this mod. Respect the original download link.

Double Earnings for Jobs(if you like to make money easier)

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7 thoughts on “ALEXD Double Earnings

  1. Alex , RESPECT for your work bro .

  2. This money is not necessary. You just have nothing to buy. I have only one garage with hired drivers and they have already brought me 8 million! I can buy all the garages and all the trucks, I can hire all the drivers, but what of that! They will only gain money, and I have nothing to buy with them. And .. the game is over. You will only drive and collect money for nothing. Make the economy more difficult to be a more interesting game.
    Well, that’s just one advice from me.

    1. Yes, you re right! This is for the one who don t like to work hard 😀 . Soon i will make one for those who like to work hard !

      1. Do it!!
        In real life, nothing is easy. If a some child does not like to drive as in real life, let it play NFS or Lego! This is a truck simulator. Let’s not forget that!
        I wish you success, Alex and … nice work !!! Cheers!

        1. Yes,yes ! i like the real game, that s why i was making some of real engine adjusments… so the mods with 800-900 hp it s for the people who like speed and easy. I like more real life, real economy, hard economy

          1. Make a very difficult economy!

  3. Alex, I do not see my company trucks in traffic. Such a fashion would be interesting. Also purchase a service. Greetings.

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