ALEXD Renault Trucks T Range New Engine

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This mod requires ETS2 1.35.x; 1.34.x; 1.33.x; 1.32.x; 1.31.x

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This mod contain :

**New Engines:
—–580 HP
—–600 HP
—–650 HP
—–750 HP

**Increase Tank Capacity :
>> 3000 l
— Chassis 4×2.
— Chassis 4x2t.
>> 1500 l
–Chassis 6×2.
–Chassis 6×4.
–Chassis 6x2_taglift.
–Chassis 6x2_4_midlift.
–Chassis 6x2_4.

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8 thoughts on “ALEXD Renault Trucks T Range New Engine

  1. ridicule ce genre de mods… pour faire plaisir aux gamins de gta 🙁

    1. You don t need to play with this if you dont like this 🙂 It s that simple.

  2. Thanks for the mod 🙂 Was just thinking I could use a little more power 😉

  3. ALEXD, can you give me at least one reason why you put in a password? Maybe you are afraid that I will steal your job and make a million dollars !?

    1. here is the file without a password

    2. No need password.

      ALEXD nice jod, thanks!

  4. I advice to never use mods with passwords or some files with password in .Your antivirus can’t scan this file’s , only when you install it , but often its to late then !

  5. Bye the way , its a great mod . I got it from steam .
    Thx AlexD

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