AlfaOmega Map v1.6 [1.48.5]

The new version 1.6 (for ETS2 1.48.5.x) is ready and doesn’t require West Balkans DLC.

New content:
– added Tucana region with 5 new cities
– reworked cities: Omega, Beta & Kappa
– refreshed road No.7 between Beta & Omega
– refreshed A1 highway between Omega & Alfa

The map is in a 1:1 scale and operates on a separate module.
Currently this map contains 38 cities and many kilometers of roads to explore.

The map is compatible with version 1.46.x ETS2 and requires all DLC maps to work:
– DLC Going East!
– DLC Scandinavia
– DLC Vive la France!
– DLC Italia
– DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea
– DLC Road to the Black Sea
– DLC Iberia



4 thoughts on “AlfaOmega Map v1.6 [1.48.5]

  1. It says problem with loading the saves no saves appear and I just installed the mod so I never had to save it since it’s a new profile how can I solve this

  2. doesnt work to me

    1. it actually works

  3. map not working, an essential file is missing.

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