All American Traffic for Europe v3.0 for 1.25


All American Traffic for Europe

Tested 1.25

Authors: SCS, groningen263


8 Responses to All American Traffic for Europe v3.0 for 1.25

  1. scania_dragon says:

    I’m sure, it was a quantity of work. But: absolutely nonsense. Why don’t you release it for ATS ?

  2. Harry Hirsch says:

    American school bus and taxi in ETS 2 ?? WTF

  3. Steini says:

    Sayed it with simle words: WE are Europeans, not Americans. đŸ™‚

  4. Sid Snot says:

    You fools, stop destroying the game.

  5. human says:

    nice but conflicts wheels cause red texture and some trucks has no front if see in job market, please fix

  6. Cipinho says:

    why this hostility for nice people who are trying to give more options to ETS2? You don’t like, don’t take it, bunch of brainless people!
    And by the way, some European cities imported the American buses, and American cars are occasionally found everywhere in Europe.
    Without modders you will have stopped playing this game after the first year I am very sure, so stop hating them and learn to appreciate their work!

  7. Cipinho says:

    is there any way to reduce the spawn of american vehicles? I will try to modify from 1.0 to 0.1 on each country.
    currently the american traffic is taking over most of the eruopean traffic :))))

  8. alefghostrans says:

    nice ai traffic america in europe…but problem automat all truck company effect red rims texture plese fix…tq

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