All-In-One Volvo Dashboard Computer


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Ones I made dashboard computer for me for my Volvo 2012.
I was surprised when I found out how much people use my home board computer for game, it not realistic.
Now I want to rework it, when I know new dashboard behavior, since mod was created.
Mod don’t have any unused truck parameters in game, such as
Adblue level, water and oil temperature, oil pressure and so on.
All you needed info before your eyes.
Readable fonts, so you may not use game zoom for read info on dashboard.
Added some animation, like a clock flashin points, red flashing fuel warning, engine check animation.
Engine brake indicator, engine damage icon indicatior with own sound.

Author: Piva

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11 thoughts on “All-In-One Volvo Dashboard Computer

  1. Test 1.25 Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

  2. Хорошая работа ? Сделайте для Рено

  3. спасибо!

  4. Nice+mod+but+i+do+really+hope+this+is+not+the+last+version+of+it…..i+would+like+to+see+the+adblue,water+and+oil+temp+and+pressure+in+it+so+the+feel+gets+more+realistic….even+if+its+not+used+by+ets2+it+would+be+nice+to+scroll+thru+the+different+computer+infos.

  5. How to disable engine check animation? the flashing symbol does get annoying.

  6. Your mod is very good.. but I have sone problem after inserting your.. my cabin like bouncing all around when I hit the gas.. how to fix it?

  7. классный мод,обновите пожалуйста под 1.27,в правом окне не работает AIR

  8. ETS2 (1.35) crashes when you have to go to the workshop. Only after removing the mod can you have your truck repaired. Please fix.

    1. Ayrton1973

      Piva Pleeese upgrade this mod for 1.35

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