All The Raised Axle Trailers


-Removed the wheel turns
-2 wheel trailer is not raised by
-Rarely trailer hits




3 thoughts on “All The Raised Axle Trailers

  1. The mod looks perfect in real. All 3axle trailers has the 1st axle lifted!!! Awesome! But unfortunately since I activate it, the mod blocks all my engines at all my trucks. I can’t leave the company. Only 1st gear works. Maybe the mod needs some fix by the author??

    1. not all trailers have lift axles

  2. ToushDyle

    That mod is very good, but have some bugs.
    The first one is when I activate the mod and put the trailer on the truck the trailer wheels doesn´t roll and I try with scania 10000 hp and the engine can´t pull the trailer.
    The mod is very good but you have some repairs to do and keep going don´t quick.

    Sorry my bad english.

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