All the service staff


This is an updated and expanded version of the old Dispatcher mod. I’ve added customer service staff into some more places, not considered by the author of the original mod and hidden the other activation points.

– Dispatcher at companies and ferries
– Customer service staff at truck services, recruitment agencies and truck dealers
– Seller near garages
– At gas stations, tollgates, train platform and inside the garages activation points have been hidden

Tested on the 1.21.x game version, but should also work on many of the previous and future versions.

Authors: EvgenKo423, Knox_xss


11 thoughts on “All the service staff

  1. no shadow.This is a problem.

    1. EvgenKo423

      As from I see, this is a common problem for all similar mods. However I didn’t change any model properties or materials. Do other people actually drop shadow in game?

      Anyway, thanks for your observation. If anyone know how to add a shadow, please let me know.

  2. Cool! TYVM

  3. Good work!

  4. Works with all maps?

    1. EvgenKo423

      It has nothing to do with maps. It should work on any map unless some map uses its own models for activation indicators.

  5. Excellent EvgenKo423,
    Thank you!

  6. EvgenKo423

    Up to date with 1.22.x.

  7. Evgenko423

    I use promods+Rusmap+Balkans on v1.22x

    on my pc, some icons are flying at some positions like (sec+0011-0010); 44596;11.2875;-36865.4)

    could u check?

    1. EvgenKo423

      What icons? Activation point icons?

      Anyway, I didn’t place them on a map, I just replaced their models with another ones. So, your issues have nothing to do with me or this mod. You should report this to the map makers!

  8. EvgenKo423

    Outdated since 1.23. Next version here:

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