All Truck retarder realistic Sound


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100% realistic sound is entirely mine retarder is forbidden is compulsory link replacing the original link is suitable for all vehicle bus truck has all the HD quality voice belongs to 17, the Travego shd

Author: BordoBereLi


11 thoughts on “All Truck retarder realistic Sound

  1. Realistic sound? Sounds more like a ###### recording one and not very realistic

  2. darnellm09

    Not even close to realistic!!! #smdh

  3. Dawid Zimny


  4. Dawid Zimny


  5. No, not realistic…

  6. retarder realistic
    please call the service

  7. This is a real Mercedes Benz Travego SHD17 Retarder Sound. In Turkey (i dont know how it is in the other countries) Travegos retarder sounds same as this. So you cant say that “No realistic”. It is realistic…

    Thanks for sharing these mod. Sağolasın emeğine sağlık.

  8. Sounds like a Dennis Trident or Enviro

  9. BordoBereLi

    Çok retarder sesi var ama temiz retarder sesi yok o yüzden böyle bir kullandım

  10. biochazard

    it sounds like a plain going down man
    this is so bad it’s really bad

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