All Trucks 2000PH Engine


Tested Patch: 1.7.0

KaptaN TV


12 thoughts on “All Trucks 2000PH Engine

  1. jo anderson

    the correct is hp, not ph :p

    #sorry for my bad english

  2. defective title , I did not write it.

    HP will.I would ask you to fix the title.

    1. I would ask you why dont you go play NFS.

  3. the mod does not work, they are not actual 2000 hp. The truck goes slow

  4. Well .. personaly all these HP mods on engines .. i can’t realy see the point. There’s no such thing a 2000 HP Scania or Volvo or any other truck out there on the european roads,unless we talk about .. *probably* some realy special heavy haulage trucks,but the changes of that are very small .. Game looks awesome when it’s a classic imho. Cheers for the work anyway 🙂

  5. You don’t like the mode ,doesn’t want to, but I’m sure it KacaK if I did love you all, and into.For this reason, providers mode does not come one.RESPECT FOR LABOR.

  6. works perfectly but we need a transmition that can handel this engine for the new Volvo fh 2013 plz sorry for my bad English Greeting from Morocco

  7. Nice work KaptaN TV. I’ve also got other mods you made so I should congratulate your creations.
    For those who says that doesn’t exist 2k HP motors, this is only a game and everything is possible in the land of magic.
    My thanks to you KaptaN TV and keep the creations up!

    1. Thank you.

    2. I don´t need to simulate a life ’cause I’ve got a real life and watch your mouth since you don´t know with who you are talking.
      And for me it’s still a game, nothing more.

  8. big hp low torque = snail

  9. How it works ?
    I was activated this mod in ETS2 but, it isn’t work.

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