All trucks engines V8 Open Pipe Sound

-SCS 1.49
-V8 engine open pipe sound mod for:
-All SCS trucks, all engines,
-Streamline, RJL “R and T”, Scania P and G, Scania Megamod.
** New Daf XD all engines

Awal, Kriechbaum, SCS


9 thoughts on “All trucks engines V8 Open Pipe Sound

  1. Mod from 2022

  2. I Love that sound with V8 and turbo.

  3. Please tell me, or send me a screenshot, how to do it like yours when you switch the box, so that it is approximately 6H 6L. Otherwise I can’t figure out how to do this.

  4. Make it so that there is an upshift and a downshift.

  5. Great sound!!

  6. Не работает пишет архив повреждён
    Doesn’t work, says archive is damaged

    1. Yes, I confirm.
      Archive is damaged. 😒

      1. It works perfect!

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