All Trucks New Transmission Mod 1.18.x

Transmission Mod (1) Transmission Mod (2)

New Transmission Mod For All Trucks

Mod Properties:
6 Speed + Retarder
10 Speed + Retarder
13 Speed + Retarder
15 Speed + Retarder
18 Speed + Retarder
21 Speed + Retarder
22 Speed + Retarder

Author: Forever Alone


5 Responses to All Trucks New Transmission Mod 1.18.x

  1. Valter says:

    Does it work on Scania R RJL?

    • Martinski says:

      Yes, i drive also a R RJL en it works fine on my PC/Ets2 game 1.18.3

  2. Roy says:

    Does not work on the Scania T

  3. Anthony says:

    How do I install this mod?

  4. marvin says:

    it doesnt do it with the v8 illigal fat can you fix that and for other truck you can download would be kinda cool đŸ˜€

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