All Unlocker V2.1


This Mod unlocks all Trucks, engines, chasis, tuning parts and other
Works with 1.16 version

milcat – original


3 thoughts on “All Unlocker V2.1

  1. Does it unlock all trucks or all garage’s?

  2. I think he means it unlocks all trucks and all garages and gives you money. But whats the point in this mod as then you have achieved nothing you havent built your truck fleet up or yor garages no good

  3. Hi there. This mod is about open all accessories for trucks since 0 level…i think. So this is cool if you use diferent profiles and u want to test a parts-mod or a truck-mod or even a map-mod. For more money, experience points, etc, u need an economic mod.
    Tnks for this mod milcat.

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