All Wheel Drive & 900 Pony Power engine

This mod pack contain :

R_900_Pony_Power.scs version : 1.01
R_All_Wheel_Drive.scs version : 1.01

It’s a tiny mod pack -There are my first mods-, you can use only one mod if you are using, for exemple another engime mod pack.

R_900_Pony_Power.scs -> This mod add a new engine for truck in vanilla : 900Pp (Pony Power – it can be Horse Power but it is less cool) and 4577 Nm !
But it consume 16L/100

Virtualy is like a tuning for the most powerfull engine for all truck !

R_All_Wheel_Drive.scs -> This mod add news chassis for all vanilla truck : 4×4, 6×6 and 6×6/4



6 thoughts on “All Wheel Drive & 900 Pony Power engine

  1. MLP ######

  2. Hahaha

  3. The is a problem with the Scania R, the 4×4 chassis doesn’t show and when you click on the 6×6 or the 6×6/4 chassis, the game crash … I am doing to fix it

    1. Better do nothing! Keep looking kids shows and leave the rest to real modders! Engine and chassis are seperate! If you can modify simple lines in definitions, so you can merge the mods together. But thats only a hint, like I said: KEEP LOOKING MLP!

      1. Dude … Just why ?
        Well … Everybody start from nothing, the “real modders” wasn’t start with a big project, they start from little project, for exemple by change false by true … It is only a training … And I decide to publish this because the other chassis mod like mine was bad or incompatible …

        If you look another mod like mine, you’ll see just a modification of the chassis but no for every vanilla truck, cause these modders had just remplacing a single line. I try to understand the game, the functioning of the modding … And I understand it … At this moment I do another mod, yes may be it’ll a “simply” mod but it’ll be more complex …

        And you have the choice to not leave another reply wich does’nt concern this mod … I don’t force you to download this, I don’t force to donate, I don’t force you to post …

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