Allroads GMod

Allroads GMod is a config mod focused on fixing the physics and cabin physics.

If you are annoyed from unrealistic suspension reactions and want a smooth-ride while crossing bumps (more realistic), you will be welcomed to use my mod.

Especially if you enjoy the cruising on dirty roads, this mod is the perfect solution of 1.33 physic fallbacks.

The mod updates the all the chassis of casual trucks and physics. Moreover, in order to test offroad capability of the physics, Scania S model will have 5 extra chassis:

4×2 GM
6X4 GM
8×4 GM
8×6 GM
8×8 GM

Let me know if you enjoy the new chassis and I will create for other models.

Any kind of constructive feedback will be appreciated.

Have fun! 🙂



6 thoughts on “Allroads GMod

  1. SCHADOW EAGLE - Peter Eagle Frederickx

    It’s Works Fines On Scania S … Nice-Perfect Work .. Thx, Greetings From Belgium 🙂

  2. Andreas71

    Does not work in an existing or a fresh profile without other mods. ETS2 lubricates when loading.

    1. Most probably the issue is caused by the inexistence of Mighty Griffin DLC. I will look into it. Thx for feedback

  3. IMHO, If exists in real life (of truckers) then can exists in game.
    it will be cool see DAFs and Ivecos using 8x axles in real life


  4. geoffrey0701

    Game crash

  5. Dont work for my,game crash(sry Dutch)

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