A&M Commercials Scania Skin


Authors: skin by MichelinMan
A&M Commercials Scania Skin by MichelinMan Skins
Scania V4 by maghetto704
Seitenverkleidung Scania6x2-6×4 by Blitzigel
V8 Verkleidung wurde vom Mod GTS Scania R730 by P a t r i k convertier


12 thoughts on “A&M Commercials Scania Skin

  1. **********

    #### SKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. MichelinMan

      Why don’t you make a better skin so ye Smart little ####!

      1. hi can you send me a copy so that i can do my mates wich is based on a&m as i work for them

  2. Truckfest1

    I actually think with all the mods the skin looks brilliant 😀

  3. Freddy Jimmink

    Wierd! Looks like very much with this one,


    Freddy Jimmink

    1. but its not same..

  4. MatheusCLG

    can someone give me the link to those wheels

  5. Irishtrucker

    keep the irish skins coming great work

    1. that would be great alrite

  6. ets2trucker

    How do i get it to work with the Maguire skin of yours?

  7. McConville

    Is there anyway to take the cabin light out? p.s im a N.Ireland sim trucker Co.Armagh!

  8. Rossy boy

    It’s class can u make me a skin

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