Amazing Road Map 1.31 – 1.33.x

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A few words first:This full name of this map is Amazing Road Map: Bangladesh! Based on Bangladesh. This is not the full map ! A huge update is on the way ! More Dynamics,beautiful and extreme tracks are coming. Please wait. And A request: Please share my video link as the download link of this map so that I can a little profit from it. Mapping is always a lot of time consuming work and also lot of hard work. Please consider my hard work. – About updating the map: SCS is updating their map in every months. They are changing lots of things of their maps. When I started mapping, it was 1.33 version on trend. That was quite good.But 1.35 is having a lot of troubles. And I am working on it.Before that,to enjoy this map please ensure you have or 1.33.2 version installed. And if you need it,download link is also there.

My recommendation is to use version .. Also 1.33 works very well..

Map Version:
Dealer: Volvo-Rajshahi


Renult- Naogaon


MerceDez- Bogra
Playing Module: Bangladesh.mbd
Map Creator:

Please try not to use Next gen mod.Because by default this map has some amazing tree models and they create amazing shades which are close to real.Also by default this map has green corns which are really beautiful.But Next Gen mod removes those tree models and shades and changes the textures…
So,please try not to use Next gen mods.
Preview link has been given below.

MD Shahid Ahammed


19 thoughts on “Amazing Road Map 1.31 – 1.33.x

  1. You know, that we have 1.35 ???
    Why you upload this old Stuff. Ridicule…

    1. Md Shahid

      I will upload whatever I want !

      1. You make me laughing… hahaha

        1. Octavian101

          I also told him that but he’s a little ######.
          What’s the point of releasing such an old map when we have 1.35 with all these great features? Nobody will actually bother to downgrade especially if it’s also a bad and ugly map like this one :))

          1. Md Shahid

            seriously ! You are more ###### then I am. YOu dont understand a single thing! its okay you have 1.35. And I also said I am working on it. And also I have a crack version of 1.31 or 1.33. If you want to play if you can download. YOu dont need to look down upon all the time.. I am still working on 1.35. So it will take some time to get updated. if you dont like ignore.. Okay. Its ugly! okay no problem.. If you have guts make a better map.. Or if you dont have any guts,just shut up!

          2. Md Shahid

            And also its not bothering. You didn’t like just ignore.. This map is not good enough then just ignore! and Also you can have different versions on your pc. you always don’t need to use the steam version all the time.That’s why I have released ! Like I have 1.27,1.30,1.31,1.32,1.33,1.34,1.35 and the steam version of 1.35.
            SO I have a lot version in my computer. None is having any collision with one another. Using different maps on different versions with different profile. That’s the point of releasing an out dated version map. This map is new. Its not out dated. And in my description I said that I have started this one when It was 1.33. updating on 1.35 isn’t so easy. So you should remember that one. and also you didn’t need to just keep saying same things.

          3. Md Shahid

            And Also wait a few months! I am making the biggest city of ETS2 !! with a lot of angles! Ad Lots of amazing landscape areas! I will wait for you then to criticize ! And Also I thank you for the criticism !
            And you wanna see some trailers? let me show you something


      2. Most of the road is locked plz help

  2. gmtavares

    What is the scale of the map?

  3. Congratulations , good work . your friend msg97 (MoroccoMap)

  4. Doesn´t works on 1.35

    1. Because it´s Stuff for old Versions 1.32 and 1.33 😉

    2. work great for me on ETS2 v1.35
      thank you Shahid

  5. pelas imagem um bom trabalho , parabens se puder lançar uma versao mais recente , e tambem se possivel complemento para outros mapas obrigado pelo trabalho

    1. Md Shahid

      Thank you So much!

  6. I guess you have a cracked version for this to be 1.31-1.33.

    1. Yes, that´s what he has written in one of his “Comments”.
      To write it open here, is more than ######… LOL
      This Guy makes me more and more laughing.

  7. looking forward to update!! ?

  8. Bhagwant123

    Dear keep continue don’t listen to anybody you can upload whatever you want. Please upload Toyota Fortuner and Innova car mods for ets2 versions from 1.31 to 1.36. I will wait

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