Amazon Deliveries

Amazon Deliveries is a mod that adds Amazon Cargo into the game , letting you transport Cargo for Amazon .
Version that it runs on : 1.27x 1.30x

1. Amazon Unique Cargo
2. Amazon Custom Made Trailers
3. Amazon Custom Trailer Price Rates

Upcomming – Features
1. Amazon Prime Deliveries ( Extremely Fragile and Urgent )
2. Amazon Custom Textures for each Trailer Type
3. Amazon Prime Trailers and Cargo
4. VIVA Trucking Amazon Special Cargo + Trailers ( In the faar future though )

1. Weekly new Cargo ( Atleast 5 more types of cargo )
2. Response to any Questions Towards the Mod ( Even VTC partnerships ) on my Email . Email : [email protected]

MontaiL ( Mod Maker , Designer , Developper )


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