Amazon Prime Trailer (Default Trailers)

Now this site has a fair amount of Prime trailers but not many have done it right. I’ve spent hours trying to attempt to make this work and finally after hours of torture to my eyes it works! I’ve added a realistic touch to this trailer with the front of the trailer showing off the white Amazon logo white a blue background, this can be seen on the real trailer! I’ve added more blue along the sides of the trailer with a white smile and the Prime logo on it. And moving on to my favourite, most realistic part of the mod the rear. The back is dark blue with a small amazon logo with white text and a blue smile, also on the back is a code found on the American trailers and some in the UK. You can also see the words: There’s more to Prime. A truck load more, (Nice touch Amazon.) I hope you enjoy the trailer and also if you have any questions please feel free to DM me on Discord itsjameswatson#8082.

– James

James Watson


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