Ambulance & Police & Firefighters Traffic Pack v 1.7.4


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add new police car
2 france police car
1 germany police car
corrected mod

ITALY-sprinter carabinieri & spr polizia & fiat polizia locale & spr ambulanze & spr firefighters
DUTCH-sprinter ambulance & sp police
POLAND-sprinter police,spr ambulance
ENGLAND-fiat police & spr firefighters
DENMARK-sprinter ambulance
GERMANY-fiat police & mb police
FRANCE-fiat police & peugeot police
SWEDEN-fiat police
SWITZERLAND-fiat police
AUSTRIA-fiat police
SLOVAKIA-fiat police
BELGIUM-fiat police
HUNGARY-sprinter police
CZECH- fiat police
LUXEMBOURG-fiat police & spr ambulance
NORWAY-fiat police & spr ambulance

For 1.25.x or higher game version.

Author: skleroza


5 thoughts on “Ambulance & Police & Firefighters Traffic Pack v 1.7.4

  1. I do like this, hope u fixed the issues the different emergency vehicles spawn everywhere, let’s keep each and every one of the different vehicles in that country they suppose to be ..please

    1. looks Ok in the def, one question, if u got more countries not (added mapmods) specified in this mod will the vehicles spawn there by default ?

      1. CyrusTheVirus


  2. zeeuwsetrucker

    with or with-out beacons?

  3. Please add beacon ligths, thanx, great mod !!

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