Ambulance & Police & Firefighters Traffic Pack v 1.7.4


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add new police car
2 france police car
1 germany police car
corrected mod

ITALY-sprinter carabinieri & spr polizia & fiat polizia locale & spr ambulanze & spr firefighters
DUTCH-sprinter ambulance & sp police
POLAND-sprinter police,spr ambulance
ENGLAND-fiat police & spr firefighters
DENMARK-sprinter ambulance
GERMANY-fiat police & mb police
FRANCE-fiat police & peugeot police
SWEDEN-fiat police
SWITZERLAND-fiat police
AUSTRIA-fiat police
SLOVAKIA-fiat police
BELGIUM-fiat police
HUNGARY-sprinter police
CZECH- fiat police
LUXEMBOURG-fiat police & spr ambulance
NORWAY-fiat police & spr ambulance

For 1.25.x or higher game version.

Author: skleroza


5 Responses to Ambulance & Police & Firefighters Traffic Pack v 1.7.4

  1. Mike says:

    I do like this, hope u fixed the issues the different emergency vehicles spawn everywhere, let’s keep each and every one of the different vehicles in that country they suppose to be ..please

    • Mike says:

      looks Ok in the def, one question, if u got more countries not (added mapmods) specified in this mod will the vehicles spawn there by default ?

  2. zeeuwsetrucker says:

    with or with-out beacons?

  3. fredy says:

    Please add beacon ligths, thanx, great mod !!

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