Ambulance & Police Traffic Pack v 1.7

Ambulance-&-Police-Traffic-1 Ambulance-&-Police-Traffic-2

Version 1.7:
* Corrected sound siren
* Add new police car luxembourg

All emergency vehicles and police, will appear in the respective countries.

Italian emergency / police see only in Italy, Denmark emergency / police only in Denmark and so on


AMBULANCE & POLICE traffic pack

GEORGIA-sprinter ambulance & mb police
ITALY-sprinter carabinieri & spr polizia & fiat polizia locale
DUTCH-sprinter ambulance & sp police
POLAND-sprinter police,spr ambulance
DENMARK-sprinter ambulance
GERMANY-fiat police
FRANCE-fiat police
SWEDEN-fiat police
SWITZERLAND-fiat police
AUSTRIA-fiat police
SLOVAKIA-fiat police
BELGIUM-fiat police
HUNGARY-sprinter police
CZECH- fiat police
LUXEMBOURG-fiat police

For 1.24.x or higher game version.
Must work on all maps. perfect work standard map

Author: skleroza


9 Responses to Ambulance & Police Traffic Pack v 1.7

  1. Bruno32600 says:

    on en croise beaucoup beaucoup trop sur la route y en a jamais autant dans la vie reel :s

  2. DontForget says:

    Fiat Ducato model Authors: Evermotion & Atak snakpera
    Author of the Fiat Ducato skins: Solaris36
    I think this would be correct.

  3. friday says:

    Sooo….is there a map that includes Georgia ?! If so please let me know

  4. Ralph says:

    Thanks for the update! Please keep up the good work!

  5. Smith says:

    there’s no Fiat police cars in Sweden. mostly Volvo V70/XC70, VW Passat and Mercedes E-class. or MB Vito, MB Sprinter, VW Multivan.

  6. willy1962 says:

    nice mod but I drive in Russia a lot of police cars and ambulances
    with sirenes but no working beacons ?

  7. Theosz says:

    TY Skleroza

    I changed parameter frequency: to numbers close 0.04 because the current numbers (0.6; 0.5) makes see them almost all the time and many – what is unreal.

    when I arrived in Algier I saw more than 6 at same time.

    I like yours traffic mods. TY.

    maybe we can see Volvo, MB, VW in Sweden instead Fiat cars. Sugestions are welcome

    • Steph says:

      Hi Theosz,
      How do you manage to modify the frequency of the mod ?

      Do you know another good police /ambulance mod for version 1.24 ?



  8. Nissekula says:

    Please add beacons to the cars. not just sirens /:

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