America map v1.2

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  1. ##### says:

    Doesnt work….. i dont have another mods

  2. mrTrucker says:

    Messes up some of the routes, but nice roads for driving.. I’m sticking to Europe map for now.. 😀

  3. Martin says:

    Well i love this map.. many different roads and yeah as “mrTrucker” said it messes out some routes, so in next update fix that but nothing else thats bad 😀

    And yeah while your driving you can see some bushes in the roads that shouldnt be there but thats not bad actoually 😀

    • aniyek says:

      not working for me can you help me..i place it in mod folder..

  4. anon says:

    Works for me. I have Daniels map too, I think.

    I came to say: Lovely attention to detail, fun to drive. Looks like a nightmare on the map but folks, give it a chance. Best cruise I’ve had in Ets2. Roads are nice, things happening on the side of the road etc. I wont give any details, discover it for yourself.

    Quality stuff!!

  5. conair says:

    NICE 1A

  6. Qplotx says:

    How i find “America”

  7. Scoooo says:

    Lack some places for sleep

  8. andrew says:

    How do you get it to work? am I missing something? Pics look great though

  9. Johan Wiqvist says:

    I normaly use “Edit Europe v1.0”, created of the same person. And I added this without moving the first one. To my big suprice so did it work, it added a lot of extra moutain roads, at the same place as is shown on the map posted by the admin(see above). It is a funny mod. Except for some few things, it messed up a bit with the economy also. If I start a new profile, I start with a lot of money. And with a profile I have come to level 45, the price of the Garages lowered to 60 000 and upgrade 40 000.

  10. admin says:

    I tested this map – working with

  11. hamed says:

    it do not work for me . how to find this map on the game ?

  12. Qplotx says:

    Where i find america?

  13. admin says:

    Read my comment in top

  14. Mathias says:

    I love this map but i want you to add some sleeping places at the fuel stations its a big map and i driving in simulation mod so i have to sleep some time but as i said no sleeping places. please add that to the next verision of the map. And the ai is driving way to slow.
    And on the roadworks the ai lorrys and cars trives thre a tractor så it flips around the trailer.

    Thanks for a BEUTIFUL map i love it. its yust that smoll “glitches” i didnt like:(

  15. josh says:

    the file is corrupted,can you fix that?or give the another link?

  16. Blu says:

    Not working ;/ Why ?

  17. zenno_82 says:

    nice map

  18. Bob says:

    Worthless without directions. How hard is that, really? This doesn’t work for me also, placed in mods folder but it doesn’t change anything!! Where am I supposed to start, what routes did it change, country, area???? 1 sentence guys come the F on….

  19. DKsDEVIL says:

    this map is amasing only thing it need is more rest stops.
    bedst mod map for ETS 2 by miles

  20. viper21 says:

    need more rest stops!!! pls!

  21. Antonio says:

    Ne radi!!!!!

  22. Hello says:

    Does it work 1.3.1 ?

  23. Gengines says:

    Nice Map… Challenging.. and also fun to drive!…

    #Working on v 1.3.1(s)

  24. billbertking1 says:

    @everyone saying it won’t work: you have to add it to your profile before it’ll work. To the right when making new profile check off the map name and then create.

    Hope I helped! 🙂

  25. Mr_Sinister says:

    you find it around Salzberg? Salzburg? well around that area…. you can tell cause the road on the map is really crazy…

  26. Mr_Sinister says:

    if anyone has an UNCORRUPTED version plz post a link so I can delete the economy file. 🙂 much thanks. the current file works fine….but it screws my economy up. I love delivering to the quarry at night with trafficon the left and a HUGE drop off a cliff to the right…..
    lol lots of fun, especially if you have a coal trailer.

  27. Nitro UK says:

    LiNuX please contact me

  28. UKDemon says:

    This Mod doesn’t work on the new update 1.4.1, its comes up with corrupted saves turn it off and game works 🙁

  29. Muhammad says:

    the mod not working on ets2 1.4.12 please update the mod

    • renaldi says:

      ya,I have tell this problem to the owner from YouTube,I hope he can enabling this mod for new version such as 1.4.x and 1.5.x,keep waiting for the reply from the mod’s owner

  30. renaldi says:

    Ya,I have tell this problem to the mod’s owner via YouTube,I hope he can enabling this mod for the new version of the game such as 1.4.x and 1.5.x,keep waiting for the reply

  31. MRMAN says:

    does it work with the latest update

  32. josh says:

    OUTDATED will not work on ANY version of ets2. that has been released this last year. dissapointed American right here..

    • Brian Earl Spilner says:

      If it’s any consolation it was only a few “American-inspired” roads added to a section of the Europe map (somewhere around Austria).

  33. semir-skyline says:

    Zdravím.Mapa na obrázcích i ve videu vypadá super.Jen mi nefunguje.Dám vytvořit profil zakliknu mapu spustim a po chvíli načítáni mi hra hodí chybu že je save poškozen.Prosím opravte to.Děkuji.

    Mám verzi hry 1.7.0 + DLC Halloween and Going East

  34. Ipgaxx says:

    How come there is no updates? I wish someone would make a USA map addon for ETS2 :/

  35. flippy B says:

    i have downlaoded america map to v1.16.2 i exctracted it to the mod folder ,but when i start the game it says euro truck stop working please help me iam looking forward using this mod in the game but it does not work please help

  36. OMAR ADOLFO says:


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