American Flatbed Widespread wheels


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American Flatbed Widespread wheels
model and export by DragonModz
loads by SCS
Please dont hate first ever model i made by myself

Feel free to edit but when edited cannot be released unless with my permission or by being sent to me at and having it uploaded by me
any unauthorized releases will be reported


DragonModz, SCS


4 Responses to American Flatbed Widespread wheels

  1. Nico says:

    It’s crap, looks like made of plastic. And he also wrote his name on the back of the trailer like he is a trademark or something lol
    Dude, keep your crappy mods private, they suck.

    • DragonModz says:

      as i said Please dont hate first ever model i made by myself and you still hate
      have you got no life? all you do is sit on all day and find a mod to hate on seriously get a life please

  2. D.J says:

    Hey tried the mod it works fine for me just try to make the trailer look more metal and wood that like plastic but over all great mod

  3. FatLizard says:

    @Nico : “Please dont hate first ever model i made by myself” … maybe you missed this line. 🙂

    @DragonModz : I appreciate the effort anyway, even I think it’s a bad trailer … sharing a bad thing is always better than sharing nothing at all. Thanks ! 🙂

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