American Jumbo Trailers Skins

American Jumbo (3) American Jumbo (2) American Jumbo (1)


Roadway Express
Southeastern Freight
Bison Freight
USF Holland Freight
RDM Freight
A.Duie Pyle Freight
Swift Freight
Lion Freight

Author: Bobbo662


One Response to American Jumbo Trailers Skins

  1. OAL39 says:

    Loved the Bison Transport skin,excellent work
    …but just an FYI: Bison Transport is NOT an American company, it is in fact one of the largest firms in Canada,(which is not in America!) and a firm with one of the highest (if not the Highest) safety records in North America. Mexico, U.S.A.(most of anyway) and Canada are all in North America, but only U.S.A. is ever refered to as “America”. Hence only things and persons from U.S.A. are refered to as “American”.

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