American truck pack ETS2 Rebranding 1.43

Mod Features
In folder:
1. Freightliner.cascadia2019
2. International.lone star
4. International.9900i
5. Kenworth.t680
6. Kenworth.w900
7. Mak.anthem
8 Peterbilt.389
9 Peterbilt.579
11. Western Star 49x
Registered in the gallery and in the orders of the agency.
present in traffic. (It is advisable to disable third-party traffic mods with American trucks).
Added engines // engine 1.500 / engine 2500
Added digital mirrors for some trucks.
Digital SLR Camera by Lexandro, Eddie Janz
DLC Internal Accessory Support
Supported interior accessories: SiSL Megapack/DLC toys.
For stable operation, the Dlc Cabin Accessory add-on is recommended.
Sold at dealerships.
The mod is compatible with Euro Truck Park (Provinat)
To use – file location:
above – Euro Truck Park
below – a pack of american trucks

SCS, Provinat


17 thoughts on “American truck pack ETS2 Rebranding 1.43

  1. Jimmy Kyriakou

    american trucks for ets?? really?? that’s why scs made ats, to drive american trucks

    1. Sweet Amber AUS

      I would love to see ETS2 trucks in ATS, cause in Australia we have both truck versions, and it seems natural to me, Jazzycat wont do it, he made that perfectly clear…

    2. wHEELSoNtHEbUSgOrOund

      So you would buy 2 almost same games with same price. If you want dlcs aswell, then it will cost you more than..idk what….RDR2?! Also Eu countries sometimes import USA trucks so another reason why. Use more parts of your brain buddy…

      1. Sweet Amber AUS

        Someones wheels not turning? RUDE… first, does my name imply im a guy buddy? Secondly, I dont play ETS2, but I do use mods from ETS2, such as cars trucks and trailers and others that dont get to the ATS sites, its not hard to edit some to get them to work,And thirdly, why you talk about me like you know what im doing in life? why is everyone rude to me, is it cause im a girl or Australian or just dont like what i say… parts of your brain, what you talking bout willis lol

        1. The_One_Over_There

          it’s mainly just people who speak before they think.
          Personally i hate how it happens, But it happens. Which is why i don’t often say anything on forums or sites like this in general.

      2. Jimmy Kyriakou

        firstly, sweet amber, I think wheel’s meesage goes to me
        second, hey wheel, they aren’t almost the same game, they have different continent, different map, different trucks…. only the gameplay is the same and you can play the base with only 5 euros (with the discount at steam)

        1. Sweet Amber AUS

          Sorry Jimmy, you may be right, i did find it weird, but again I do aplologise, to… wheelsonthebus, ive had some rude ppl experiences as of late

    3. sims_guy

      well some of just like ets2 dude to a bigger map and more to explore so its nice to have my T680 in ets2 again works well with some of my mods for it on ats

  2. Can we also have the ats trailer pack

  3. giuseppe75

    Nice work! Thanks!

  4. Big Thanks They all work perfectely )) ,just Hope this mod always get futuer update whenver SCS release its updates ^.

  5. Blacksun

    thank you so much for this mod 😀

  6. Provinat

    Спасибо всем за отзывы.

  7. Lowend Helper

    Mod is working well👍

  8. I tried few accessories, sounds and lights from ats mods but nothing work! Do you guys had better luck? Would be nice custom a little bit this beast

  9. Good evening friends!
    The American truck pack 1.43 ETS 2 Rebranding has a problem with the peterbilt_579 sound.
    Open the mod with zip or winrar.
    Download this file.
    and transfer these files
    with replacement MUST be uncompressed !!!!!!!! in the folder – path sound/truck
    Thank you for your understanding.

    Добрый вечер друзья!
    В моде American truck pack 1.43 ETS 2 Rebranding есть проблема со звуком peterbilt_579.
    Откройте мод с помощью zip или winrar.
    Скачайте этот файл.
    и перенесите эти файлы
    с заменой ОБЯЗЯТЕЛЬНО БЕЗ СЖАТИЯ !!!!!!!! в папку – путь sound/truck
    Спасибо за понимание.

  10. Is there any way that I can remove the ameican trucks from the AI traffic?

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