American Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v1.3.1


Pack adds in traffic 23 american trucks.
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
Compatible with all my packs.
For version 1.24.x and higher.
Included two versions: american trucks only in Africa, Russia and Brazil and american trucks everywhere.
You must have in mod folder two files:
american_truck_traffic_pack_by_Jazzycat_v1.3.1_def_all.scs (american trucks everywhere)
american_truck_traffic_pack_by_Jazzycat_v1.3.1_def_sel.scs (only in Africa, Russia and Brazil)

Version 1.3.1 – pack adapted for patch 1.24.x.


DOWNLOAD 44.9 MB [Mirror]

2 Responses to American Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v1.3.1

  1. Theosz says:


  2. Cipinho says:

    Thanks for this great pack (as well as for the other traffic packs), works perfectly in combination with Promods and gives a nice visual appearance to see different cars and cargos in the game while driving.
    Unfortunately it has a problem, whenever I wish to drive an American truck (have 2 Kenworth and Peterbild) game crashes after a few seconds of driving. The problem seems to be generated by a conflict with this traffic pack, more precisely because of the existence of the same truck in this pack. The solution is to remove the duplicate truck from this pack rather than disable it completely. Any idea how to remove these 2 trucks from the pack? (will still remain 21). thanks!

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