Analog pedals with keyboard for ETS2


This is not a traditional mod. This is a to-do list for analog pedals.
I recommend this solution for everybody who does not have enough money to buy a steering wheel with pedals (me also… 🙂 ), but want to drive the truck more precise with manual or automatic transmission as well. If you want to analog control the accelerate and the brake pedals of your truck with keyboard in Euro Truck Simulator 2, here is the to-do list under the download link:

SCS, Scanreg


11 Responses to Analog pedals with keyboard for ETS2

  1. kamata93 says:

    Weird, I did everything and I am not getting the same hud or even the controls. :/

    • kamata93 says:

      EDIT: Sorry, my bad. Didn’t remove one 0 from the line,hehehe. Got it working and it’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  2. aleksey says:

    Скачал,исправил,испытал и разочарован.Очень трудно,непредсказуемо управление стало.Решил лучше на “автомате,упрощенной” с клавиатурой и мышью играть,чем с этими изменениями.
    Все таки-руль есть руль!

  3. rall says:

    It would be more realistic with mouse wheel.. is it possible?

  4. Baja_002 says:

    Doesn’t work for me.I can only use mouse to accelerate or decelerate

  5. Stg says:

    Can you make a manual clutch mod,please.

  6. BENZ says:

    i need manual clutch mod pleas

  7. Hppns says:

    Thanks Scanreg. This is quite nifty 😀
    Would you be so kind as to look into an analog steering for keyboard? Like the one we had in King of the Road probably. I’d really appreciate that

  8. thunderstruct says:

    Thank you so much! This is awesome! Gives full control of acceleration and deceleration of the truck! It is even better than using a PS3 joystick (i was using one). You are a god! I ‘ll share with my friends! 🙂 😀

  9. Chris says:

    Amazing ! That’s exactly what im looking for. I have just one question. It is possible to set pedals and steering wheel sensitivity separately ? because after set msens to 1.35 my wheel run too fast .

  10. carolecom says:


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