Angel Eyes for Renault T Ver.2

Add Angel Eyes for Renault T (SCS). New color front and rear optics.
If you use the mod on another resource, the link to the author and original upload link is required!
Who did not work this mod, now everything should be ok



5 thoughts on “Angel Eyes for Renault T Ver.2

  1. CristianB

    Really nice mod. Couple of time ago was a mod like this for DAF XF, headlights with angel eyes and it really look awesome. Can you do this for the XF? I really appreciate it

    1. Godzillarus

      I made for xf 105.))

  2. Thank you for the nice mod. Does anyone know the fog light mod on the light bar? Please let me know.

  3. Nice mode , thank you !

  4. Petróczi Ákos

    (google translator Hungary-English)
    It works!
    Thank you very much.
    Nice work!

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