Angel Paintjob for Ekualizer’s Scania 143

Main mod can be found at , it’s metallic and colorable. Take care.

tyb33rk,SCS,Ekualizer,Alex Prihodko


8 thoughts on “Angel Paintjob for Ekualizer’s Scania 143

  1. where did you get the tandem?

    1. zosoooooooooooo.. ma le tue mod dove sono?

      1. Ciao,I already had this mod but then eliminated it because I had problems with other mods the game crashed.
        Thanks for your help.

        1. Ever tried mixing the mods orders? Because there’s the trick.

          1. Unfortunately I have many active mods and moving them becomes a problem with other mods, then finding the conflict is crazy (I don’t want to deactivate them all) however I will try again.

  2. Io non condivido molto, lascio spazio a chi continua ha sfornare tutti i giorni skin già rifatte da altri autori.
    Le mie skin le trovi qui ma i link Zippy share non funzionano +
    prova ha cercare coolmega Van Zaal transport e krone gurrieri
    è un tutorial per modsstudio2: How to add Krone Megaliner + skins in Mods Studio 2 questi dovrebbero funzionare.Prossimamente caricherò qualche skin trailer Italiana.

  3. password for zip?

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