Angry Griffin (Metallic & Non Metallic Skin) Scania S by SCS

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Angry Griffin (Metallic & Non Metallic Skin) Scania S by SCS
More skins are coming for this awesome truck 🙂
Works great with:
all chassis
all painted rear fenders for all chassis
high roof cab
all painted sideskirts
2 skins – metallic and non metallic
see the archive for details
FOR 1.30.X
recommended mods for painted accessories:

Do not reupload and respect download link

KiLLeR Modding

DOWNLOAD 6.1 MB Metallic
DOWNLOAD 6.2 MB Non Metallic

7 Responses to Angry Griffin (Metallic & Non Metallic Skin) Scania S by SCS

  1. Alberto Vasquez says:

    ¡Wow really nice skin!.

  2. DavyBerto says:

    Nice to see you have edited my PWT Thermo skin without asking me the permission.
    Asking to me for edit it costs nothing mate and I’ll be glad to allow you to do it….

    • KiLLeR Modding says:

      I’m sorry about this, only thing what is like yours is front white line and side bar from the text.
      So can I keep it or it will go removed? :/ Sorry again for this

      • DavyBerto says:

        Keep it buddy, but the next time ask me, it costs nothing

        • KiLLeR Modding says:

          Thanks man 🙂
          I’m sorry if made you feel angry, I liked your style and that’s why, next time if I see something that I like from you I will definitely ask you about permission. Have a great night.

          • DavyBerto says:

            Thanks mate ?, goodnight to you too?

  3. robin van berkel says:

    is there update of this skin ? alot of old next gen skins side part of truck dont line up

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