Animated default SCS Overweight Trailer

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This mod adds animation to rear lift of default SCS overweight trailer.It is tested on 1.26.There is an extra link which is possible to work on 1.27.
First link:1.26
Second link:1.27


DOWNLOAD 595 KB [1.26]
DOWNLOAD 6 KB [1.27]

6 thoughts on “Animated default SCS Overweight Trailer

  1. Johnny Rotten

    How can you get under a low bridge with that yacht????

    1. Are you frigging kidding me?? That load was made by scs and it passes under all the bridges in the game. From someone who seen a lot of heavy loads, there are much, much higher loads, and they just pick routes the don’t go under low bridges.. but there aren’t anything like that in the game unfortunately. And to the author thanks for this nice mod.

  2. There may be some problems on mod. If you mention them, I will try to solve them.It is my first animation mod.

    1. Hey mate, I was replying to Johnny Rotten about the yacht picture, nothing about your mod? Everything works good, love this mod 🙂

  3. game+crash

    1. sowa please check you are using correct version, there are 2 links; for 1.26 and 1.27. I think you tried to run 1.27 mod on 1.26 game.
      Also, for everyone, this mod removes trailer feet animation-I may not solve this. Beacon of trailer doesnt work.I will solve and share it on 1.27.

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