Animated Gates in Companies v 2.0 [Schumi] [1.30] [REL]

Mod adds to the game more realism, making gates and barriers, many companies are animated! All gates and barriers have a collision, so to fully open do not attempt to drive to the base or to leave. In fashion there are not all companies that are in the game, the mod will be updated!

Version 2.0:
– Fixed bugs
– New animations
– New collisions
– Beacons added on some bases

Supported versions of the game:
1.30.x + DLC Going East + DLC Scandinavia + DLC Vive la France + DLC Italia

List of companies for which made the animation of the gate:
– Euroacres (Default)
– BCP (Default)
– NBFC (Default)
– Eurogoodies (Default)
– FCP (Default)
– ITCC (Default)
– Kaarfor (Default)
– Lkwlog (Default)
– Posped (Default)
– Quarry (Default)
– Sanbuilders (Default)
– Sellplan (Default)
– Skoda (Default)
– Stokes (Default)
– Tradeaux (Default)
– Trameri (Default)
– Transinet (Default)
– Tree_et (Default)
– Wgcc (Default)
– Polar_fish (Scandinavia)
– Ika_bohag (Scandinavia and France)
– Vitas_power (Scandinavia)
– Wilnet_trans (France)
– Gomme_monde (France)
– Boisserie (France)
– Ns Chemicals (Scandinavia)*
– Ns Oil (Scandinavia)*
– Chimi (France)*
– Huliant (France)*
– BHB Raffin (France)*
– Bjork (Scandinavia)*
– Dans Jardin (France)*
– Sag & Tre (Scandinavia)*
– Agronord (Scandinavia)**
– Norrsken (Scandinavia)**
– Globeur (France)**
– Drekkar (Scandinavia)**
– Tradeaux (France)**
– GNT (Scandinavia)**
– Lisette (France)**
– Renar (Scandinavia)***

Test 1.30



14 Responses to Animated Gates in Companies v 2.0 [Schumi] [1.30] [REL]

  1. JoachimK says:

    Upload by “Visitor”.
    So I take the Original in SCS-Forum. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Register says:

    Mod stolen by Visitor
    NO DL!!!

  3. Blackwolf83m says:

    thx ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. gerd_e says:

    I have just downloaded that file on sharemods. To read there (I copy in):
    Uploaded on: 2017-12-19 19:14:58 by Schumi222
    This should clear up all your fears and doubts……..

  5. 4861yeti says:

    works with promods ??

  6. gerd_e says:

    @Schumi – I have just installed your mod. It works fine and there are no any errors in console – good work!
    But one thing I’ve noted, its regarding the sound of the gates:
    If you wait the gates to open and after you pass the opened gate, then the ‘closing sound’ is that loud as if you stand right in front of it, even when you are some hundred meters away from the gate. This means that you must build in a so called ‘fade out’ of noises. The sounds must fade out the farther you are away from the gate.
    I think you know what I mean?
    Anyway big thanks for your fantastic work!
    Regards from Germany…

  7. Dimitris Mylonas says:

    Be careful with the NEW dlc map …. Italy ..!!!
    I saw one gate, in north Italy acting strangely.

    … something like …. multiple gate doors on the same side… LoL

  8. terrance says:

    hallo ich habe ein fehler gefunden!

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