Animated gates in companies v1.7 [Schumi] [1.27]

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Version 1.7:
– The mod is adapted to patch version 1.27

Supported versions of the game:
1.26.x + DLC Going East + DLC Scandinavia + DLC Vive la France

List of companies for which made the animation of the gate:
– Euroacres (Default)
– BCP (Default)
– NBFC (Default)
– Eurogoodies (Default)
– FCP (Default)
– ITCC (Default)
– Kaarfor (Default)
– Lkwlog (Default)
– Posped (Default)
– Quarry (Default)
– Sanbuilders (Default)
– Sellplan (Default)
– Skoda (Default)
– Stokes (Default)
– Tradeaux (Default)
– Trameri (Default)
– Transinet (Default)
– Tree_et (Default)
– Wgcc (Default)
– Polar_fish (Scandinavia)
– Ika_bohag (Scandinavia and France)
– Vitas_power (Scandinavia)
– Wilnet_trans (France)
– Gomme_monde (France)
– Boisserie (France)
– Ns Chemicals (Scandinavia)*
– Ns Oil (Scandinavia)*
– Chimi (France)*
– Huliant (France)*
– BHB Raffin (France)*
– Bjork (Scandinavia)*
– Dans Jardin (France)*
– Sag & Tre (Scandinavia)*
– Agronord (Scandinavia)**
– Norrsken (Scandinavia)**
– Globeur (France)**
– Drekkar (Scandinavia)**
– Tradeaux (France)**
– GNT (Scandinavia)**
– Lisette (France)**
– Renar (Scandinavia)***

Schumi, CsewS, SCS, AlexeyP


28 thoughts on “Animated gates in companies v1.7 [Schumi] [1.27]

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  2. Max Romeo

    Thank you for the beautiful mod. I have only one request, when the gates start to open and when you feel you have enough space to drive, it shouldallow you to do that other than crshing into an invisible wall. It should be like what it is in real life. When you update your mod it will be 100% realistic but thank you for a job well done

    1. That’s not possible as the creator of the mod says,,there’s a collision that only disappears when the animation stops !! that’s the way ETS 2 engine works !!

    2. ArnoldAnotida

      yahhhhhhh you nailed it, i too support that

    3. bro I have the mod but i didn’t see any gate

  3. Hobbytrucker

    it is posible to great a flashlight during opening and closing?

  4. When i leave a company with closed gate,i have to ride too close to the gate before it opens. When the gate opens it crashes the truck and goes rightaway true the truck.The only thing i can do then is to drive fast backwards when the gate opens.
    Can you make more distance to truck and opening gate?

  5. Peter Klemmensen

    You should put this on steam. That way you can update it there, and we will get the updates as well. This mod is small enough for steam use.

  6. What would be the most for this mods is that there is a letter of the keyboard dedicated to the opening of the portal with a distance script not to open all the portals of the city.
    Otherwise nice job.
    Google translate

  7. Jan Rippl

    Excellent mod but it have one bug. In Scandinavia (Sweden, near Göteborg, Volvo company) make a crash game 🙁

  8. Mighty Mouse

    can you update this mod? with the releaser of the new heavy haul dlc, the gate won’t open for me no matter where I put the front bumper along the gates.

  9. Does not work any more with the Patch

    Would be kindly to update and may be to put on Steam for automatic Updates.
    Thank you for this very good Mod, I use since first Release.

    1. I agree – currently broken by latest patch.

  10. It stopped working in the latest version. The gates do not open.

  11. Pb : Since the new dlc “Heavy Cargo”, the gates close too fast and that cause a lot of dammages to the truck and the trailer.
    Could U take a look please ?

  12. Adrian G.

    I second that motion, since the latest update for the patch 1.27, the company gates work as expected sometimes but the barriers near the service repair station don’t work in real time and don’t allow normal passage for the truck or car and when the bug stops for a minute or so, the barriers lift up, but close down so fast that the vehicle doesn’t have enough time to drive down the driveway and out on the open.

    Please fix this soon as I’m sure it can be done without further inconveniences. Great mod and kudos to the developers.

  13. This is a cool mod and give the game a bit more realism, I hope that you can fix the problems with some of the gates, Most the gates in the UK company are not opening and the close to fast causing massive damage to my truck.

  14. in france cant open one of company gate please fix

  15. The gate won’t open in UK. OR other places 🙁

  16. Nice mod but does not work properly with the Patch and later. Please fix it.

  17. Peter Klemmensen

    I do hope that this mod will be updated soon.

  18. I had the same Problem with the Gates, no open anyway.
    I given at least very high Priority and it works as it should, overall… 🙂

  19. Gerd Segger

    Dermod funktioniert zwar aber sobald ich aus der Firma rausfahre lande ich im Nirvana habe einen Freiflug

  20. Trucker20

    Seems broken. Trigger points too close or in wrong place and gates can knock truck through map. Not usable in its present form.

  21. Looks like a really great mod but it don’t work on the could you update it or are you waiting for the 1.28 to come out?

    1. Hello, Kieran,

      I´m using still in 1.28.xx and it works perfect. Also I cannot find any Problems with the Heavy DLC.

  22. naseer khelaifi

    how to use this mod bro ?

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