Animated Gates in Companies


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The mod adds to the game more realism, making gates and barriers in many companies animated!
All gates and barriers have a conflict, so to fully open do not try to drive to the base or to go with it
It will be not present at all the companies that are in the game,
Mod will be updated

Test version of the game: 1.26.h

Help in testing mode on the version 1.25.h and searching bugs: Ksenia

SCS and Schumi


28 Responses to Animated Gates in Companies

  1. matpol98 says:

    Does it work with mapmods like Promods?

  2. Diablo says:

    Nice mod
    HD Test 1.26

  3. wahyu says:

    works perfectly in v 1. 25 base game, great. and how you can display the animated doorman? because in my version can not seem

  4. Marky Sordy says:


  5. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  6. zeeuwsetrucker says:

    looks amazing.

    • zeeuwsetrucker says:

      Not working 1.26.3 vive la france. can you update the mod please, also for owned garage?

  7. James says:


  8. Leonardo says:

    To the creators of the mod

    It can be done so that the distance between trucks and the gate (when the latter is opened) is greater? Otherwise we are forced to back down or to brake suddenly

  9. Carlo says:

    Excellent mod. Thanks very much.

  10. Pat Stringer says:

    Good mod ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. jspence73 says:

    It’s a MUST have mod to go with the No trailer parking Symbol mod it makes Ets2 SO more lived in now to play with both of these mods

    Excellent work hope to see this in the workshop soon ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. speed says:

    So far no good for me ..But i drive on MHA PRO map.. so i dont know if this work on the map.

  13. marcus says:


  14. Darren says:

    best mod of 2017 so far ๐Ÿ˜€ love it! thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. biggy smalley says:

    I love it!

  16. Mako8841 says:

    Great Idea! Great Mod! Thanks!

  17. texasman says:

    great mod thanks for your work is working on 1.25……. version

  18. melios says:

    Very good idea!!!!
    It works with Promods and 1.26xxxx game version

  19. wegger says:

    Excellent mod!

  20. Digital X says:

    Fantastic mod! Something a little different to the norm we see.

    How you make these mods I will never know.. It amazes me.

  21. Bullitt says:

    Bravo ! Bravissimo !
    Excellent idea.

    Works perfectly well (1.25)

  22. cricri73 says:


    Do not walk on the DLC vive la france

    Thank you for rectifying this, otherwise it is a great idea

    Good continuation.

  23. NeoF1le says:

    Great, immersive mod, a must-have for realism and it runs on 1.26 with all DLC enabled BUT there is a percentage of the time when although the gates open fine, there is still an invisible low barrier there and no way to know until you hit it. Most times it will cause damage from 1 – 10% making this an expensive mod to install. It seems random, you can open gates for a whole session no problem, and then get one that damages the truck even though it’s fully opened. Looking forward to a fix for this!

  24. tuningboyke1986 says:

    could you fix it voor ets v

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