Animated (New) Volvo FH Classic Dashboard


This is example of new concept in mod building.
Mod uses file outside the mod.

Unpack archive to your folder with both files

Attach mod in mod manager
play the game

Author: piva


8 thoughts on “Animated (New) Volvo FH Classic Dashboard

  1. I do not know for me it does not work, I’m a mod mod in a folder activated and the test I have in mod folder and is black in the information display nothing after that

    1. Are you unpack test.ogv file om your mod folder ?
      What OS you have ?

  2. Piva win 10 unpacked files to your mod folder and there also gave this test

  3. test.ogv как его распаковать?

    1. Его не надо распаковывать это видео файл

  4. Спасибо! Но на панели так и нет анимации,куда я его только не кидал)))

  5. Infinty1979

    Nice Job

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