Animated Side Curtains for Renault Premium

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Want to offer a small addition to DLС “Cabin Accessories” that extends the range of curtains that are already in the game. The curtains are available, I added animated fake curtains on the side windows. Since the additional curtains are a complement to the existing ones, the textures and colors are made in accordance with the original.

SCS, oq37


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5 thoughts on “Animated Side Curtains for Renault Premium

  1. Asphroxia

    any more SCS trucks planned?

    1. Planned. DAF 105 is the following.

  2. Scania rjl pls, common Dude!!

  3. ChrisTrucker

    please make it for the 2012 Scania R and Streamline please

  4. scaniageerard

    animated side curtains for scania rjl pleeeseee!!!!
    then where the happiest people in the universe!!!!!

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