Animated Side Curtains for Scania Next Gen Update v 1.1

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I bring to your attention the new version (1.1) of my mod, Fake_curtain_oq37_ScaniaNG, which I hope you tried earlier. In this version I added a variant of Mighty Griffin side curtains. This version of the curtain somewhat closes the view and completely covers the side mirror. Because in this version I added the ability to adjust the location of the side mirror.

When distributing, please keep the original link.

SCS, oq37


19 thoughts on “Animated Side Curtains for Scania Next Gen Update v 1.1

  1. the archive is wrong or damaged, nie da się rozpakować winrar`em

    1. I believed. Normally everything works.

      1. Radtke Kai

        eine sehr schöne arbeit, hab mehrfach runter geladen, leider ohne erfolg, es läßt sich nicht öffnen, wirklich schade.

  2. I´ve just downloading the Mod and everything works fine.
    May be, Kiero, your AV makes Problems. ??
    Try to close it when you downloading.
    For me there is no Problem.

  3. Asphroxia

    How are the rest of trucks coming along? i remember you saying you were working on the 105, i personally cant wait for the daf e6!

    1. I had a break in my work, just now I renewed a little. 105 th doing. 106 I do not know yet.

  4. Hello oq37 i found a way to have it in multiplayer, are you agree if i make a tutorial for helping players to have it in mp ? 😀 btw nice mod !

    1. Hello! I’m not against.)

      1. Okey that’s great ! can we speak together with discord ? 🙂

          1. add Yasteni#2499 :p

  5. Is possible this curtain to work on Scania Rjl?Thank you 🙂

    1. Only if the geometry of the cabin coincides. In what I’m not sure.

  6. Hey lad. The mod is looking good judging by the Screenshots. I’ve got a small problem however. I’m apparently missing texture (screenshots below)
    Did I do something wrong? How could I fix this?
    Thanks in advance ^^


    1. Hello! You have for some reason no Griffin pack.

      1. Holy sh*t I’m ######. Thanks so much!

  7. i can only use the mighty griffin one if i put another on there stands texture not found

  8. Please do that for all LKws
    many people here will be grateful … or least for Mercedes Benz .. please, please.

  9. PLZ Make for stream line this mod

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