Animation Colone Volvo Fh4


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Good evening all result from a large public request I put in my mod volvo FH4

The Pmd and Pmg of anim and interior model are not

lock, so you soyer free to change the mods to your envy

Thank you to respect the credits

Speedy59 Scs Software


11 Responses to Animation Colone Volvo Fh4

  1. Leif Knudsen says:


  2. Shane says:

    Fantastic mod, thank you so much Speedy59!

    Can you make a version of this mod where the steering wheel is permanently in the higher (engine off) position? I would really like to be able to drive with the wheel in that position.

    Thanks again Speedy59, great work!

    • Steve says:

      Why? It would be unrealistic.

      • Shane says:

        Why would it be unrealistic? Don’t you know that trucks have adjustable steering columns?
        In fact SCS has since announced a forthcoming update that will soon add exactly what I’m asking for.

  3. SnaSnaSnael-76 says:

    Very nice work ! Congratulation !
    Could you make the same mod for Mercedes Actros MP4 please.
    Thanks in advanced.

  4. JoachimK says:

    This Mod or Feature you have in the newest Volvo from Ohaha.
    Version 20.11 ++

  5. wegger says:

    Same for DAF XF E6 ohaha and RJL

  6. tomas says:

    estaría mejor si lo hicieras al revés, pues la posición del volante de los camiones no es vertical como sale en ETS2, sino inclinada unos 35º como lo tiene tu mod en reposo

  7. jonh says:

    hi u could arrange to use the ets 2 v.1.25.1

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