Animation steering wheel


This is an animation for the Scania of the Mod funktoniert RJL.Damit need do the following:
def / vehicle / truck / / interior open and delete where the animations.sui
then in: Clear vehicle / truck / scania_rcab_edit / interior the anim files only important these non uk version which is not yet included here is only 2 anim.pmg and anim.pmd.Fertig now should the funzen as in the pictures. File is gespert upload to other hoster is prohibited.



8 thoughts on “Animation steering wheel

  1. You can create a button to adjust the steering wheel while driving ?

    1. I have wanted a steering wheel adjustment forever. I wish someone would make it. The Volvo FH wheel is so low it’s blocking some of the dash lights even in the default position. I don’t know what SCS was thinking. It’s so ######. Watch any video on YouTube of someone driving a Scania or Volvo and they’re sitting up much higher than the default seating position in the game. I feel like a little kid trying to look over the dash in the game. But if you adjust the seat the steering wheel ends up blocking even more of the gauges. So a mod that moves the steering wheel up a bit would be ####### awesome.

  2. Cel_Vabis

    It’s ok with the Vabis wheel ?

  3. Truckerforlife

    dude dat it was like awsome wegger

    1. ???

  4. zeeuwse trucker


  5. is there a UK version being mad ?

  6. jari helsens

    i dont understand the instalation? does it work whith a scania t ?

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