Another Cargo for Truck Transporter

Another Cargo (3) Another Cargo (2) Another Cargo (1)

This mod adding cargo for truck transporter trailer, with another truck and cabin type like :
DAF, Iveco, MAN, Scania, and Volvo.
The trailer are available in :
BCP, FCP, Lkwlog, Posped, Stokes, Tradeaux, Transinet, Volvo Dealer, and Scania Dealer.
Trailer is not present in traffic.
Sorry for not including Mercedes and Renault Trucks because i’m newbie in Blender.
Tested version :
Please don’t reupload on other websites!

Author: fachri2000


4 thoughts on “Another Cargo for Truck Transporter

  1. Maximka.L

    Wow. This is very, very good mod, thanks. And… Will you continue to create this pack ? Will you add new trucks or add these trucks but with new paint jobs, new chassis and so on… ??
    Like here:

  2. Cool trailer, waiting for the continuation!

  3. make trailer traffic pleasee….

    1. Apferreira Truckman

      This file adds this load mod and the original also (Scania and Volvo), traffic

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