AR 1080 Brand new LED tail light for scs box own trailer v 1.38

Hello friends,
I would like to introduce this Brand new LED tail light For your SCS BOX own Trailer, in the Eurotrack2 game.
LED Blinker
Neon Blinker
LED Break light
Tested on version :
No bug
No lag
No CPU/GPU Decrease performance
work fast and Great



16 thoughts on “AR 1080 Brand new LED tail light for scs box own trailer v 1.38

  1. F. Schweiger

    …this mod is shown me as incompatible

    1. kevin jessop


  2. leider inkompatible

  3. leider inkompatible bei 1.38

  4. it does not work on 1.38 so how have you tested it if people like myself are saying it says incompatible

  5. this mod test on 1.38 and you can see video in youtube my version is

  6. ben brown

    its “brake” not break…

    1. do u have to correct the person who put this up does it make a difference what it says if u don’t like it don’t use it SIMPLE have a good BREAK #####

  7. Jason CLEMENT

    imcompatible !

  8. edit the manifest file
    replace: compatible_versions[]: “”

    With: compatible_versions[]: “1.38.*”

    or just deleted it

    1. shouldn’t have to do that if its updates not everyone wants to mess around with files they ain’t to sure off

  9. Works after editing the game version in the manifest.

  10. Calliandr

    После того как убрал манифест мод удалось подключить.
    Новые задние габаритные огни для дефолтного прицепа для дефолтного бампера даже не под покраску.

    1. any chance we can have it in English please

      1. @handy
        it´s calling Google Translator 😉 :

        After I removed the manifest, the mod was able to connect.
        New taillights for the default trailer for the default bumper not even paintable.

  11. Neue Manifest geschrieben, ist nun kompatibel, dafür nirgens nutzbar, da es nicht auftaucht.

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