Arayas AI Superlights v 1.4 [1.30.xx]

This is the mod to add REAL lights to AI cars.
I’m not talking about some bright spots more visible in the night, i am talking about REAL light in front of the AI car like in real life.

More than that i added:
-side trailer lights and difused light (no more black in the mirrors)
-light in front of AI cars for 100m
-brighter stop, blinker, brake and semaphore lights in night time, normal in day time
-real object reflection of that light -better reverse light and more…
Tested with 1.28, works probably with all versions any map and any car pack (like Jazzycat or TDU), any trailer pack.
Mod must be above any map and any car/trailer pack to have effect.

Change log for 1.4
-fixed blue highbeam and the angle of light
(altering AI files seems to have an impact in truck standard lights)
-fixed some street lights (pure white colour gives to much brightness)
-added an yellow and orange colour on some street lamps.

Change Log for 1.3 FINAL VERSION – not anymore 🙂
-reduced reverse light power
-reduced light strenght for blinkers, position and brake lights
-angle reajustement, power and direction of headlights, a step closer to reality.
FINAL VERSION, but feedback and sugestions are accepted.


DOWNLOAD 910 KB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 910 KB [Mediafire]

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2 thoughts on “Arayas AI Superlights v 1.4 [1.30.xx]

  1. Hello, What is the difference between this one and the blue “Xenon” light fix that you released in the previous version? (in the comments section)

    1. There is no fix. There are two versions of the mod. Some new ETS2 vanilla high beams have a xenon blue colour but it’s too bright for my taste. The “non-xenon mod” have in adition few files to assign to every vanilla truck a white-normal colour for high beams.

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