Arayas AI Superlights v 1.5.1 final [1.30.xx]

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Probably i dont have to work on this one, it’s how i intended to be.
Look for yourself.
Change log for 1.5.1 FINAL
-Reworked ALL street lights adding diversity and better recreation off modern lights.
– Few minor tweaks for headlights
-Intensive test to eliminate every interference between game files.
Change log for 1.5
-Fixed high beam for all trucks (user or AI) IMPORTANT!!
-Removed the red-yellow tint of street lights from the game,
the colours have now a real colour.
-minor fixies.

This mod have two versions:
1. with vanilla xenon highbeam lights (to bright for my taste)
2. with normal NO-Blue xenon highbeam lights (my favorite)

Tested in 1.3 vanilla or Promods 2.25 + RusMap 1.7.5 but works in every map.

For fast updates for this mod or sugestions,
go directly to Arayas Workshop

You will get an answer in less than 24 hours!



6 thoughts on “Arayas AI Superlights v 1.5.1 final [1.30.xx]

  1. NOTE: for some reson street lights have an orange colour under Promods 2.25. I’m keeping in touch with Promods team to find what caused this, the problem it’s in their yard.

  2. FPS killer

    1. If you play the game at your toaster, yes.

  3. The ugly ORANGE lights are from Promods and they are harcoded in the map, The developer team wants their beloved orange-red crime lights and they dont like to be bothered with “mods”. Visit my blog for more details.
    I’ve deleted Promods from my computer, so my humble mods are not longer support the ORANGE map.

    1. This one is the best! But is this version supports Promods?
      Thanks in advance.

      1. It’s working fine with Promods. In Promods the street lights doesnt have the colours from my mod, they have an ugly orange colour, hardcoded in the map by them.

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